Bio and Artist Statement

Lena Coletto is a Bay Area based mixed media sculptor and installation artist. Coletto explores concepts of healing, addiction and nostalgia. Coletto was nominated for the Yale Norfolk School of Art application in 2020, and was allotted the Dhaemers sculpture award from Mills college 2020.

In my artwork I explore themes  such as addiction, queer identity, and healing. I combine sculpture and installation with sound, video and scent  to create a visceral immersive experience. I recreate a variety of consumer products in plaster and ceramic, and then assemble these objects into interior spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms and bars. I utilize familiar, everyday objects and imagery as an entry point for weightier issues. Through my use of materials, familiar objects and spaces are made unfamiliar to slow down how we experience the materials and explore these objects and their relationships to memory and identity.